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Wednesday, 25 May 2016  
Olenevka 2011


WindSurfing - KiteSurfing - Rest


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Our rooming-house and courtyard - here

Unexplored wilderness in Olenevka - here Image

Windsurfing and kitesurfing in Olenevka - here Image   Ilya -  Teaching windsurfing & kiteboarding in Olenevka in english. http://www.kitesafari.pro

Some information about us. I and my wife plus two my sons are fond of windsurfing and kitesurfing.We are russian.At the present moment we live in St.Petersburg and here we like to stay from April till September .The country is usual but the local nature is clean beautifull and what is really important it's windy.The sea water is crystaly pure and warm.The beach is clean and almost empty and the sand is white.We can surf here as much as we need. We have here big,salt lake which is very good for the beginners.The water is near our house.That's very comfortable.Our area is 6600 square metres.That building that you have seen[upper] is our summer house. This is not a standard 4 or 5 stars hotel.Also this is not a main business for us.Our main work is in Russia,so ,mainly this place is for our near relations and friends.10-20 people maximum.That's why we have here friendly atmosphere. We invite here new guests when we have free places. At the present moment we want to meet nice people from Europa,surf with them and to improve our level of foreign languages.If you are nice,calm person ,so welcome .As you know we have only 10 rooms for 2 or 3 person .Each room has WC,cold and hot water all day and night,sat TV with 2000 different channels,Internet[wi fi] .All room 36 square metres and are very comfortable .If you want to it you can go to cafe[restaurant] which is 20 metres from us,or you can cook by yourself in the kitchen and to eat there after all.To tell the truth not all is perfect.We haven't finished all what we wanted.That's why the price is [ 10 EURO pro person ].

I and 2 my sons speek english and german language.My elder son Ilja has worked for 6 years as windsurfing instructor in Hurghada and for 3 years as kite instructor by Tommy Friedl. He has IKO diploma[international kiteboarding association].So he is a good and experienced surfer.You can come to us just by your car.Also you can fly to Simferopol and than take a taxi.The price from Simferepol to us is 30 euro for one taxi [170 km].It is also possible to send our our taxidriver to meet you.

Our contacts:     This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view

Valeriy   +7-978-0358015


From a site of Crimea
The village Olenevka is located on an extreme western point of the Crimean peninsula - cape Tarhankut. From three parties Olenevka is surrounded by warm waters of Black sea. In the west from village there are the sandy beaches, which length more than 4 km., therefore they even at the height of a resort season do not happen are filled completely. Beaches pure - in the winter all dust is washed off by storm. And in general, for rest in tent of the best place, than beaches of Olenevka to you not to find.

The information from a site: http://www.crimea.org.ua
The general description


 Olenevka - is centre Tarhankuta. Tarhankut - the most western part of Crimea, approximately in 100 km from Evpatoria, represents peninsula, deeply outstanding to Black sea.

 The characteristic of the natural medical factor:

 The big medical factors sea breezes - the soft winds twice a day changing a direction possess: in the afternoon they blow from the sea on a land, at night - from a land on the sea. These streams of air are sated by ozone, chloride sodium, calcium, калием, magnesium, iodine, fluorine, bromine and other particles of the table of Mendeleyev and are fine natural inhalers. No, habitual for southern coast, mountains.

Tarhankut are steppes! It is a lot of grasses, the sea of grasses, many wonderful smells, simply immense sea of smells. And all it for us. Walk on steppe is full of unexpected and joyful sensations, and the dry odorous wind blows softly, but is persevering. The steppe breaks in the sea a line of rocks – here that such Tarhankut!
I will make a reservation that this place is a little detached, and is not  easily accessible (during the pre-revolutionary period in this wonderful corner banished political prisoner). Here it is possible to reach by car, or by bus from Evpatoria. But to go far, and many preferring not to risk, go on southern coast. Perhaps, therefore, many do not know Tarhankut. Today is a place of the pedestrian tourists, fans of "a sharp cheesecake”, wild rest, surfs, aqualungs and yachts. Here there is a diving club. And because the local landscape can satisfy all to the most exacting and various tastes because here there is all!

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